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Introduction to Medical Transcription

Introduction to Medical Transcription



Long hours, difficult patients, patronizing doctors and office politics can cause you to become frustrated with your job.  Maybe you are just ready to work out of your home to make extra money.  Some MTs will work part-time while keeping their current job.  Regardless of the reasons, you are considering a career change; medical transcription has a lot to offer.


As you'll learn by reading this site, the earnings and benefits are excellent, the hours are great, the demand is high, (especially the demand for Nurse MTs), and best of all, you already have most of the training.  

It is vitally important that the reports transcribed are error-free!  This is e true with the new EMR systems which have the scanned reports stored in. Other doctors may refer to these reports for history  of the patient.  If there are errors, it can cause problems.  This is why the medical transcriptionist needs to know more than just terminology, and it is the reason why transcription services are eager to hire Nurse MTs.

The medical transcription business is based on productivity. Both the MT and the transcription service she works for are paid according to output, so both accuracy and speed are vital.

MTStat is not a job placement service. We train you on the proper way to transcribe with the new technology of digital transcription as well as other aspects of going from a Nurse to a Medical Transcriptionist. We work closely with employers and focus on the business side of medical transcription.

While training is presented as its own reward in most courses, we consider training to be the means to an end: successful employment. We focus on what top employers want and what is required to earn a good living, rather than the "fascination" of medicine.

Consequently, our perspective is different from that of most training vendors, and we place a lot of emphasis on developing strong transcription skills.

This site will be most informative if you follow the pages in the order they are presented on the site menu.

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