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Medical Transcription and the Digital Foot Pedal



Digital Foot Pedal for Medical Transcription


The MTStat medical transcription course will come with a USB Foot Pedal.

A digital pedal is a must to work as a medical transcriptionist!


The foot pedal hooks up to the computer via the USB port. The pedal communicates with the software that is used for transcription, such as Express Scribe.


When an MT listens to the dictations, there will be times for pausing, rewinding or fast forwarding the voice files are necessary. This can be achieved with the digital pedal.  


You will use your foot to use the pedal; this allows you to keep your hands free to continue typing the medical report. Most pedals have three pedals, one large one in the middle and two smaller ones on each side.


You will need high-quality digital equipment if you're going to work in today's transcription career.  We train you with the same tools you'll use when working as an MT; this is why we include a digital pedal with the training program.


The foot pedal can be used with the most transcription software such as Express Scribe. You can download the software for the foot pedal from the student area.


The foot pedal will not come with headphones.  You will need to purchase your own set.  We recommend the USB headphones because they have higher audio quality.


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