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Proper Medical Transcription Training for Nurses

Medical Transcription for Nurses
Most medical transcription courses are inappropriate for health care professionals.

That is presuming she/he can find a course that will teach him/her these skills. There are courses out there that do teach everything you need to know including the proper tools. However, we also know that we are one of the few companies out there that focus on both the business and healthcare side of Medical Transcription.

In reality, what generally will happen, is that she/he will learn some terminology, report formats and other medical skills, then, (assuming she/he can get hired), learning over the years to increase their productivity, maybe. More likely she/he limps along earning half or less of their potential throughout their medical transcription career.

As a health-care professional, you have already known the academics. You can, and should, focus your efforts on developing top­notch transcription skills.

It is important that we do point out that there is a lot more to medical transcription than just terminology! While you have already known the terminology part of the job, you will need to learn how medical reports are properly transcribed.

Medical transcriptionists transcribe dictated healthcare reports to create permanent medical records. As a nurse, you work with medical records every day, and it is quite likely that you have a better grasp of the terminology involved than the course developers.


It is ludicrous to claim that a nurse needs to study introductory medicine in order to become a transcriptionist. Let us hope that since you are entrusted to understand medicine well enough to treat patients as a nurse, you know enough terminology to transcribe medical reports!

Don't misunderstand: even as a nurse, you don't know all the terminology, and you'll never know all the terminology. Even MTs with 15 years of experience get stuck occasionally ­ that's why references exist. And terminology can be presented in such a way that it is foreign to you. We spoke with one shocked RN recently who is enrolled in a different medical transcription course that she is failing!

However, the real perspective is that MTs transcribe medical reports. RNs should be ­ capable of reading and understanding most medical reports. Consequently, if they are taught medical transcription skills and style requirements, they can transcribe medical reports.

Believe it or not there are actually medical transcription courses that last two months or less. Presumably, when the students graduate, they know enough terminology to do the job. Are we to believe that in two months or less, someone with no background in health care, someone who has to spend at least part of that two months learning other medical skills rather than terminology, will have a more comprehensive medical vocabulary than an experienced RN?

Because these courses focus on terminology while ignoring professional transcription skills development, they offer very little for nurses. In an effort to sell the training anyway, they end up making claims that are transparently foolish.

Can a nurse really fail a medical transcription course? You bet.


In an effort to justify their cost, some of these courses pile on so much stuff they would overwhelm an experienced physician! There is always more that could be learned, and if you try to learn everything possible, it will be awhile before you get a job.

When you go to work tomorrow and see a medical report that needs to be signed look at it carefully. This is what you will be transcribing. Do you know the terminology? Would you recognize these words if a doctor were speaking them? Are you already familiar with HIPAA laws? You should be! Point made.

In the same amount of time, you would have wasted reviewing such topics as combining forms, the difference between ureter and urethra, and the meaning of n.p.o., you can have developed the kinds of skills that will result in top earnings and eager employers.

We are in contact with employers nearly every day. Each week we introduce our service to at least five new employers, explaining that we specialize in job assistance of MTs & Nurse MTs. Not one employer has ever asked us a question regarding our Nurse MTs' grasp of terminology.


All the questions have to do with professional equipment and transcription skills. Obviously, it is assumed that a nurse would have a more than adequate grasp of the academics.


The training you need consists of:


  • Keyboarding skills
  • Terminology Review ­Textbook Included
  • Proper medical records style and formatting.
  • You will learn the use of professional tools such as expanders and a digital foot pedal (transcriber).
  • How to use Microsoft Word to increase your productivity.
  • Knowledge of the business of medical transcription so you can make informed choices to optimize your earnings.

You still need to review terminology after you begin training, and we will work with you.

One of the books you will get with your course materials is a medical terminology textbook.

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