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Medical Transcription Job Assistance for Nurses



Medical Transcription Job Assistance for Nurses


Nurses who train using our modules, and who are tested at 300 lines per hour with 98% accuracy, qualify for free job placement assistance.

We work with top employers across the U.S. that are eager to hire our Nurse MTs because they know our people are professional MTs that have a high line count production rate and can be relied on from the start.

We work with you individually, to match you with the right employer for your needs and criteria. We don't offer "proctored" or "internship" jobs, but real jobs with substantial employers.

Employment is our primary focus. The MTStat modules were chosen after much discussion with a variety of employers, compiling answers to questions such as, "What areas do you find new MTs weakest in? What would you emphasize if you were developing a course for medical transcription? What do you require of your MTs?

Furthermore, we don't just provide you with a list of companies you can contact that lead to nowhere like some courses do. We provide real job placement assistance, contacting employers on your behalf. We will forward your resume directly to them and communicate with them on your behalf.

If you meet the productivity qualifications, are a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse, and have two years or more of hospital experience, we'll provide your resume to job openings within 30 days of taking the final exam!  

While we cannot nor can anyone guarantee anyone a job, unless they are hiring you themselves, we can say that with your experience as a nurse that you should have received at least two job offers within 60 days of taking your final exam.

If you need our job assistance anytime within the first two years, we will gladly help by re-submitting your resume to open MT positions for up to two years.  


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