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Medical Transcription Training Course for Nurses



Medical Transcription for nursesAs explained on the MT­STAT for Nurse’s page, your prior education has already taught you more terminology, anatomy, and pharmacology than any medical transcription course can provide.

You will need to do quick reviews of each of these areas though and be able to pass tests for each section.

The Training Module focuses on building transcription skills, and includes a refresher in English grammar and punctuation from our medical transcription style and formatting module of the course. It is important that you learn proper medical record formatting and style, along with familiarity of digital transcription.

Some of the dictation that is included in medical transcription courses is over 20 years old. As you know, new techniques, equipment, and new drugs have developed over the past few decades.

It's important to practice with both current dictation, and some are a little aged. We do include a little of older dictations and a lot of newer ones. This is to keep you familiar with older drug names still being used and to expose you to the newer side of things as well.  

Our dictations are donated by real doctors and hospitals (of course any really personal information is removed for HIPAA laws), so it's always fresh and is, for all practical purposes, unlimited. You won't have any nasty surprises on your first day as an MT, because you will have been transcribing actual doctor dictations from similar services or doctors who may hire you.

Each dictation includes a transcript key, so you can check your work immediately and correct any errors in transcription, formatting, or style.

The dictation is organized to begin with simple reports, so you can become familiar with the equipment and formatting, while building speed and a smooth transcription style.

At strategic points in the dictation practice, you will be given a timed test, so we can evaluate your progress and help you with tips to correct any problem areas. Your goal will be to reach 300 lines per hour with 98% accuracy before you take the final exam that establishes your speed and accuracy for employment purposes.

NOTE­ MTSTAT Has the right to substitute a similar medical transcription book if any of the below are out of stock or print. Some may ship separate.

Here are the modules, software, and services you will receive with the course:

Medical Terminology Review Module
Grammar, Style & Format Module (AHDI Book of Style)
Keyboarding Module
Authentic Doctor Dictation / Transcription Module
Medical Transcription Editing / Proofreading  

Your course will also include:

A digital foot pedal
Medical Transcription Course CDs
Online Access to the Student Area
Student Support
Certificate at completion of the course.
Resume Assistance
Job Assistance

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We hope you have found our site to be informative and answered your questions regarding working at home as a Medical Transcriptionist.


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